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Renovating My Childhood Dollhouse

Ever wonder what renovating a dollhouse might look like?

As a child I spent hours playing and decorating each corner of every room in my dollhouse. Now that it has been in storage for a number of years, I am beginning the renovation process. And it has given me a different perspective and appreciation for my mom and my Grandfather.

My mom bought a dollhouse kit and spent an entire year collecting miniatures. She asked my paternal Grandfather if he would put the dollhouse kit together. Since my Grandpa built real furniture this was a perfect project for him. Our home was almost completely furnished with his handmade furniture.

I am only in the beginning stages of this project and after doing a ton of research on how to renovate dollhouses, my gratitude for this incredible gift has multiplied!

From the actual structure, the flooring, wallpaper, door hinges, doorways, windows, and tiny curtain hooks; the list goes on and on. So much love was put into every detail!

So why I am renovating this dollhouse? For my daughter, Grace.

The dollhouse has a lot of wear and tear. And it will take me some time to really fix it up. My thinking is, if I start now, it will be ready for Grace to play with when she is at the right age and can handle tiny miniatures.

It's an incredible gift! From my mom to me, to my daughter and originally built by her Great Grandfather.

I'll be sharing updates and as much info as I can on how I am fixing things. I'll also list resources and tools as I go.

I hope you'll follow along on this miniature renovation!

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