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How to make a Football Field 7 Layer Dip!

7 layer dips are a party favorite, especially on game day. Though 2020 has made it so that your guest list is smaller, 7 layer dips can still be enjoyed by you and your loved ones at home. More dip for everyone!

These are my go to food picks but you can of course use your favorite food brands!

Ingredients you'll need:

1 can of Rosarita Refried Beans. (30oz. traditional or vegetarian)

1 avocado dip 16oz.

1 Knudsen Hampshire Sour Cream 16oz.

1/2 head of chopped iceberg lettuce

1 stalk of chopped green onions

1 package of Kraft shredded cheese 8oz.

2 chopped tomatoes

1 can of sliced olives

1 bag of your favorite tortilla chips

1 sandwich sized ziplock bag

1 bag of pretzel rods

Yarn or ribbon of your choice

1 serving/cooking pan OR 1 small plastic tub

For this blog entry I used a small plastic tub, found at the Dollar Tree. It's measurements are:

L 10"

W 5.5"

Depth 2.5"

I like this tub because it came with a lid, which makes storing the 7 layer dip much easier. It's basically a more narrow shoe box.

But if you already have a cooking or serving pan that you like to use, go for it! The amount of food that you spread for each layer is up to you!

Set aside 1/4 of your sour cream. You'll need enough to pipe side lines. Think of it like cake frosting and save accordingly.

Set aside 1/4 of your cheese.

Now time to make your football field!

Layer as follows:

- Scoop and smooth refried beans into your platter

- Scoop and smooth sour cream

- Add chopped tomatoes

- Sprinkle cheese

- Scoop and smooth avocado dip

- Add chopped iceberg lettuce

- Add green onions

* iceberg lettuce and green onions can be mixed together

Almost done!

Take the sour cream that you set aside and scoop into a sandwich sized ziplock bag. Make a small cut to one corner of the bag. You can always make it bigger if you need to.

- Pipe 5 lines of sour cream on your layer of lettuce & green onions. I like to start at the center so that the lines are as even as possible. It's sour cream on a layer of iceberg lettuce & green onions though, so your lines will be a little wavy in places. Totally fine!

- I also like to add short dashes in-between each long line, except for the ends. Because the lines at the end of your dish are your end zones!

End Zones:

With the extra cheese that you have set aside, sprinkle the ends of your dish. Within your sour cream lines, of course!

Football Players:

Yes, football players! Sliced olives are perfect for you offensive line. Then take a few other sliced olives and slice those so that they become more like strips and cross them to create X's for your defense.

You can also use colored construction paper, cut in pennant shapes. Then tape the paper pennants to tooth picks. This is always fun because you can represent the teams that are playing that game.

Pretzel Stick Goal Posts:

- Break 1 pretzel to measure the width of your pan

- Take a full length pretzel and criss cross it with the broken one

- Wrap your yarn or ribbon around both until it is secure and tie a knot

- Cut off extra yarn/ribbon

- Take another full length pretzel, criss cross it with other side of the broken one

- Wrap your yarn or ribbon around both until it is secure and tie a knot

- Cut off extra yarn/ribbon

- Repeat for the 2nd goal post

Place extra olives in a side bowl along side your favorite chips and voila! Enjoy the game!


Except for the avocado dip, which I can't find anywhere, I use the same food brands my mom did when she made her 7 layer dip. And it still doesn't taste the same. It goes to show, that even something as simple as layering ingredients in a pan is not the same when your mom makes it. I do my best though!

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